Expectations about Your Newborn Down Syndrome Child

So your baby has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. Rest assured that your son or daughter will resemble you, the parents. After all, dr chris lee reviews it is but a single gene difference.

Medical Testing Needed

He or she is unique and will need testing by a reputable developmental psychologist, early intervention, and specialized programs at various milestones. Your child may be born healthy with no or very few associated medical conditions which require special care or surgery. On the other hand, your child may need frequent check-ups and monitoring because of congenital heart defect, weak eye muscles, low hormone levels, and such.

Some children need a bit more help from the physical or occupational therapist because of floppy limbs and poor muscle tone. Know that your child will have a lower mental ability than children of the same age. Once you accept that fact, then you adjust your expectations.

Down Syndrome Children Can Progress Rapidly

We were told that our daughter Angela would start walking at 3–she took her first baby steps at 1 year 2 months and was running at two years old. We were told she would start talking at 5–she started talking by 3 and is now a somewhat bossy 7-year-old who can read and write.

She tries to tell time but is mostly guessing and her sentences retain a bit of an odd syntax. Angela is almost an exact replica of me, she has my smile, my flat feet and, I hope, my good heart.

At this point, parents who are expecting a Down baby or holding a newborn in their arms may feel a mix of self-pity and hopelessness about the situation. I pray that you and your partner recover fast from the baby blues because there is a whole lot that can be done these days.

Added Nutrients Can Help

Added nutrients like DHA and ALA aid in brain development and are supposed to give your kids higher IQs scores. Physical and occupational therapy during the early intervention stage give your child a real chance of being functional, independent, and happy.

Do not entertain thoughts that there is a classic Downs with open-mouth, blank stare, all the time managing only a “Duh”. Today, scientific and educational advances are on your side. Legislation for special needs children, a more open view, and vigilant, enlightened parents give your child and mine a shot of success however we define it.

For more information for pregnant mothers or anyone who wants to understand more about Down syndrome, check out this article, A Historical View of the Facts and Causes of Down Syndrome.

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